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Citips - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In London Citips - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In London

Modern Psychology - City Of London

Citips Therapy Practice In London

Citips is a private practice based in a comfortable setting that provides ultra privacy to our clients.

It supports clients with short-term as well as long-term mental health issues and other difficulties that are a result of a busy city lifestyle. Our clients commonly self-refer and seeks tips, advice, solutions for depression, confidence issues, trauma, burn-out, anxiety, anger issues, relationship issues, alcohol or cocaine and alcohol misuse.

Citips can make recommendations and referrals to trusted private psychiatrists with high-degree of privacy who provide also home-care in the UK and abroad; and to general practitioners and rehabilitation clinics when needed.

Citips has experience and training in using cognitive behavioural therapy CBT, phenomenological approach, hypnosis, psychodrama and each client receives tailor-made treatment to suit their own individual needs to reach their goals.


This practice has up-to-date  clean criminal record.


No client's data are electronically stored  and it is a member of the Information Commissioner's Office.


It is registered with Companies House No 6628311 and trading as Citips.

Proven Track Record

Set up by formally qualified psychiatric and pediatric nurse, BSc Psychology, educated to postgraduate level doctorate practitioner in counselling psychology and psychotherapy - all certificates available upon request, over 15 years proven track clinical experience with clients in the counselling context and other health care contexts.


It is a member of psychological society and maintains core ethical values confidentiality, respect, promoting your autonomy.

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